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God's Formula

Teaching yourself, your employees or your children a life formula with the book God's Formula

As you know teaching yourself, your employees and your children a life formula with a sense of responsibility and structure will give yourself, your family, your company, and your employees better productivity and happier life. This is why I wrote the book called "God's Formula". This is not a book about religion but a book that gives you, your family and your company a formula to guide them at your company and on a personal basis.

The book is called "God's Formula" and it is defined by the three letters in the word, GOD, itself.

The first letter is "G" which stands for teaching yourself, your family, your company and employees to do "good deeds" for your company, family, themselves and others.

The second letter is "O" which stands for teaching your family, company and employees to become "open minded" to accept new ideas and change at your company and for themselves and other people.

The third letter "D" stands for teaching your employees and your family that god wants them to move in a positive direction. This means employees and your family will move in the positive direction by learning the principles to resolve conflict and achieve success at your company and for themselves.

To order, call 1 (800) 326-3046 ($24.95 per workbook plus $4.00 shipping and handling).

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